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Connecting within for lasting change...


The health of your body, mind, and spirit are deeply rooted in the energy systems of your body.  Balancing your energies will naturally increase your vitality, effectiveness, and joy.

Whether you are an individual or represent an organization, if you seek change from the inside out, we can help you. The Healing Connection is dedicated to teaching people easy-to-use techniques to keep their energies flowing for optimum health, well-being, personal development, and spiritual awareness. We offer private client services, group/corporate workshops, and speaking engagements in Eden Energy Medicine*, Emotional Freedom Techniques™(EFT), Reiki, RoHun™, Yhandi’s Inner Light, and Inner Sanctuary Training.

Getting to know yourself is a fascinating journey within because it’s all about you.  As you learn to balance your energy systems, you will gain self-awareness, which is the first step toward health, wellness and expanding your perspective.  Each additional step forward leads to that powerful connection of your mind and heart, where you begin to know your own truths with greater clarity and relate to others with greater understanding.  You’ll discover that when your inner world is in harmony with your outer life, you have the vision and courage to make the changes you desire.

Transformation from the inside out is possible when you make the commitment to change.  Start your journey at your own pace, in a fully supportive atmosphere.  Call or email us to take the next step toward living your life with radiant health, presence, and grace, and have fun while you’re doing it!



Do you feel scrambled, anxious or have low energy?  Learn a simple Daily Energy Routine below to feel more
calm, focused and energized.  

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