RoHun™ Groups Sessions - An Introduction to Chakras

RoHun group sessions are a great way to introduce you to chakras and the RoHun program. In these four sessions, we cleanse and purify the faulty thoughts and negative selves in each of the chakras through discussion and meditation. The first of the four sessions works with the Lower Self found in the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras to cleanse the Unworthy Self, the Frightened Self, the Helpless Self and the Judge. In the second session, we work in the heart chakra, our Divine chakra, to cleanse the Fearful Self. The third session takes you deep into the throat chakra to release the Helpless Self. The fourth session works with your Higher Self at the brow and crown chakras to clear the Judgmental and Guilty Selves and help you remember who you are as a Visionary and soul who knows its purpose.  

This class will now be offered on the class schedule under the title "Introduction to Chakras."