The RoHun™ Program:  Walk in the Light of your Eternal Self.

RoHun™is a transformational program of personal growth that leads to self-awareness as a true spiritual being.  It was developed by Patricia Hayes at Delphi University in Ga.  RoHun™ is a deep chakra cleansing that utilizes an individual's spiritual strength to facilitate healing and transformation. RoHun's™ in-depth and thorough processes tap into the unconscious regions of the mind to bring to the surface and release negative thoughts and emotions that restrict, limit and continually sabotage self.

The RoHun™ Program below follows a progression of steps from ego development to ego transcendence through deep chakra work. The result is greater self-respect, self-love, richer relationships and a strong connection to the Divine within you.

While the RoHun™ Self-Healing Card Reading, RoHun™ Cleanse and RoHun™ Skim sessions are at the discretion of the RoHun™ practitioner, the other processes are given in the order they must be taken. The alchemical secret of RoHun™ is 
self-empowerment through love and wisdom.

RoHun™ Cleanse will cleanse feelings of unworthiness, fear, hopelessness, and judgment. You will nourish your inner self, increase clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience as well as connect with your Higher Self.

RoHun™ Enlightenment and Self-Healing Card Reading is used to help you uncover a major block that is stopping you from taking your next step.

RoHun™ Purification is an in-depth cleansing of the faulty thoughts and feeling patterns of victimization that you have held for lifetimes in your chakras. The healing is highly interactive between you and the facilitator, and consists of three sessions of approximately two hours each.

RoHun™ Skim sessions are conducted on an as-needed basis to clear any additional energy blocks that may come up after the Purification.

RoHun™ Caged-One Process (Shadow Work) moves you to greater depths of consciousness where elements of your shadows surface and are released within your chakras. Caged-One energy reveals all those secretly held and abusive thoughts and feelings that you have about yourself. These thoughts and feelings are “caged,” or locked away from your conscious awareness. They are the hidden seeds of self-abusive thoughts and feelings, and how we abuse that energy and others in our daily lives. This transformative healing work consists of four sessions of approximately two hours each.

RoHun™ Advanced Processes continue the healing of the subconscious, and expand your awareness to greater states of Light and love in your consciousness. The advanced processes are: The Androgynous Process – male and female healing (three sessions); The Divine Mother – healing issues with the mother (one session); The Origin Process – healing issues with God (two sessions); and The Seven Visions of the Self – healing archetypal energies within our seven chakras (three sessions).

RoHun™ Deep Core Issues are revealed as you work within the chakras to see, experience, and understand the underlying negative belief systems upon which you have built your life. Constructs reveal the mental aspects of these beliefs, Vaults reveal the feeling aspects, and Tanks reveal the deepest forms of self-abuse. 

RoHun™ is a Magical Journey Within 
to Discover and Be Your Greatest Self!