Yhandi's Inner Light

Yhandi’s Inner Light is a 10-12 hour healing process over the course of 4 sessions that accesses, determines and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self-destructive thoughts that have been stored in your mental and emotional energetic system. In these sessions, we address the blocked energies at the sacral and solar plexus chakras that leave you feeling unworthy of love, low self-esteem, abandoned or needy for the approval of others and transform them to Light.

Your Inner Child is the archetypal energy of your emotional body at the sacral chakra and is related to your feelings. When balanced, this energy nourishes your vitality, creativity and joyful spirit. When out of balance, you either feel isolated, sad and totally alone at one end of the spectrum, or angry, resistant and resentful at everyone, at life, and at God at the other end of the spectrum. When healed, the Inner Child brings a greater depth and dimension to your life, inspiring you to get involved in your life with a joyful step.

The Adult is the archetypal energy of the mental body located at the solar plexus and is related to your thoughts. When balanced, you are able to recognize the thought patterns that create your reality and modify them to achieve your goals and higher purpose. When out of balance, your thoughts attracts negative situations and people and keep you from remembering your spiritual purpose and connection to the Divine.

Yhandi’s Inner Light integrates the Inner Child and Adult energies, resulting in healthy thoughts and feelings that leave you with peace of mind, clarity, creative productivity and joy.